The Hils 'n' Nana July Visit Photo Page

Hi Folks, 

These are images from Hilary and Claire’s trip to the Solomons in July 2007. CLICK on all these to get bigger pictures.

Photos from the Waimapuru School Trip from Hilary’s Camera

3-gals-in-the-village.jpg hilz-and-the-boys.jpg family.jpg blue-eyez.jpg walking-tour.jpg village-kids.jpg

Shots of us on our balcony from Hilary’s New Digital Camera

codes-on-balcony.jpg erry-on-balcony.jpg fam-mck-on-balcony.jpg sisters-on-balcony.jpg whole-group-on-balcony.jpg

Shots from my camera from the trip we made to the Maravaghi resort over the first weekend.

hilssteve.jpg nnasavo.jpg nanasnork2.jpg 3gals4.jpg reef.jpg

village.jpg errylou.jpg binocs.jpg


3 thoughts on “The Hils 'n' Nana July Visit Photo Page

  1. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    Dear All

    Lovely to know that Claire and Hilary are there with you – and away from the cold. And it’s lovely to see you enjoying yourselves. Look forward to more pictures. Lots of love

    Grandad and Gran

  2. Steve says:


    Do these links work?

    They don’t for me.

    Might have to fix that…

    I just fixed it. Should be OK now…

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