Photos and blog from the Sydney / Newnes Trip


I haven’t really had fun as a tourist in an Australian city in a long time. Adelaide and Canberra feel too much like home to really see them as a tourst would, and Melbourne, Brisbane (Roma St Park excepted) and Perth (Fremantle excepted) all seem to be suffering from the uniform commercial blandness that is creeping into the CBDs of all Australian cities. Look, there’s Chinatown. And there’s a pedestrian mall with a Roger David store next to a Baker’s Delight and a Gloria Jean’s. I might as well be anywhere. But what about the newly-developed riverside complex and entertainment district, Steve? It has coffee-shops, and paddleboats. Big deal. There’s a perfectly good one at home in Adelaide.  

So, Sydney was a nice surprise. I once lived in Surry Hills, years ago, but never went to the CBD, especially the Rocks and Darling Harbour areas, so never really knew what all the fuss was about. We stayed right in the CBD, took the kids to the Aquarium in Darling Harbour one morning, and then the next day went to the ‘Opera Bridge’ as Cody insisted on calling it, and then had lunch in a nice old pub in the Rocks. Thse were the first days out for the new camera so I really went overboard.  Just scroll down if you’d rather look at the Newnes shots.



Erin and Cody (looking rather like me, I must say)

Erin and the Ray-Shark

The Face of a Manta Ray



Codes at the Opera Bridge

Opera Stars

My new zoom is fun

“Yes bit can we actually SEE an opera?”



Newnes brings the awesome. It has that ideal combination of wilderness and history that we really go for in a tourist detination. The morning and evening light on the mounains is really special, and the ruins of the old shale oil mining set-up and other historic curiosities seal the deal: it’s just a cool place. We’re thinking of going back there. Anyway the owner of the Hotel and Cabins, Tomas, was very nice to us and we’re trying to do him a favour here so if you are looking for a good NSW getaway it doesn’t get better than this place. Visit this website:, or look for the “Newnes Hotel Cabins in the Wolgan Valley” in Google.


“Old Boldy”

“Bella the Dog”

Grandad, Codes and Tomas in the Vegie Garden

“Erry the Miner”

The Newnes Hotel (1907-2007)

“The Open Piano”

The Lookout


2 thoughts on “Photos and blog from the Sydney / Newnes Trip

  1. John and Mary McKenzie says:

    Great photos. The face of the manta ray bears a striking resemblance to Mr Downer. Pity Codes didn’t get a chance to see an opera – but Colette told us in Canberra that one ticket to The Gondoliers cost $ 250 – so there are better things in life.

    Love Grandad and Gran – John and Mary

  2. claire says:

    Loved the photos. I’ve just had ours printed and will send you a few via the ocean. One day soon we will be able to email them I hope!
    Love, Nanna Mum and Claire

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