New! Erin's Magic Balloon Faces

This is a collection of faces Erin drew recently on a white balloon.

She’s quite talented provided the media is monochromatic and the subject is roughly circular.  Faces and spiders are her forte.

 beardie-weirdie.jpg big-nev.jpg

 big-nose.jpg crazy-spider.jpg

 mr-squiggle.jpg sweetie.jpg

 wide-girl.jpg witch.jpg

The Witch had additions by Louise but apart from that, these are 100% Errie.

Anyway, the balloon shrank so these photos are now the only record.  

Love Steve.


2 thoughts on “New! Erin's Magic Balloon Faces

  1. claire says:

    They are great. Louise drew similar things but probably at a later stage. I thought Erin had very good skills when she gave stripes to all those shapes while we were in church that day. Tell Erin that I love her drawings. Love Nanna

  2. John and Mary McKenzie says:

    Dear Erin

    We love your balloon faces. Grandad especially loves No 5 and says sometimes he feels like that looks.

    Love Grandad and Gran – John and Mary

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