Easter 2007 Family Photo Page

This is where I have decided to put recent photographs you might enjoy which don’t fit into a normal blog entry.

They are all ‘thumbnails’ leading to a larger photo if you click on them.   



Erin looking suave at the King Solomon Hotel, March 2007:


More Nice Shots from the Easter Trip, Adelaide:

 codes-with-viola.jpg knife.jpg grandad-reading.jpg granderry.jpg 

 McKenzie family attempts to build a sandcastle as high as Cody and is beaten by the tide:

 sand1.jpg    sand2.jpg best-for-web.jpg

Various Easter Egg hunters and onlookers:

 codes-with-bunny.jpg grandies.jpg paullegra.jpg loupakan.jpg 

Kewl Shots from Hilary Kleinig’s Phone Camera, Easter 2007

paul-and-kids.jpg paul-with-kids2.jpg hils-phone-083.jpg hils-phone-093.jpg kids1.jpg

More Nice Shots from the Easter Trip, Katoomba: 

 erry-autumn.jpg kirstytree.jpg sailing.jpg simonsays.jpg

The “Leaf Day”: Day Trip to Mt Tomah National Park and Mount Wilson, April 2007:

leaves1.jpg bot.jpg leaveskids.jpg faminbot.jpg dancers.jpg odd.jpg 

avenue.jpg avenue2.jpg


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