A Glimpse of the Dreamer

The start of this year has seen a transformation of my internet presence for writing and other things. I have pared back my personal writing website  – for my fantasy quartet – to be a glimpse of my work and no more, and decided to put all personal blogging over here, where hopefully it can’t do me any harm.

This was all brought on by a discussion I had with someone at the SA Writer’s Centre, who took a look at my situation (3 novels written, 4th close to finished, some quality in evidence) and told me in no uncertain terms that I should concentrate as much as possible on getting an agent and publisher and that’s about all. (He even gave me a personal recommendation.)

So much of my online activity has been curtailed. There’s not much point running a blog, or promoting myself on Facebook, if I haven’t actually got the finished product to promote.

My stripped back and semi-pro website now looks like this:


So, what the do with the lovely-looking artwork that local art guru Jane Carlisle has made for me? Unfortunately the answer is, not much. There’s no point in making covers or illustrations as the publishers just find it distracting and it makes it look as though I intend to self-publish. Seems self-evident now.

Here’s  glimpse of what she made me between June and December last year. I still haven’t seen the final artwork but I bet it is awesome. I might be hooking up with her on the Blue Men, Green Women series. So there’s still some life in that project, too.

The ones on the left are of elf-girl Sally Reidy. The ones on the right are of the dreamer himself.

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