Little Known and Mostly Wrong Facts About Canberra

  • Architect Sir Walter Raleigh Griffin is best known for designing the L-shaped reinforced concrete carport, and, Canberra. Neither met with critical acclaim in his lifetime, a trend which has subsequently continued thereafter.
  • Canberra was originally intended to be the set for an aburdist film, but people kept moving there, so the Federal government decided to add more suburbs.
  • Canberra was originally going to be called Sydney, but Melbournites complained, on the basis that there was already a mid-sized city of that name close by.
  • In Griffin’s original design, Canberra was going to be much more like Tativille (Paris) than it actually is. Whether this failure to be more Parisian is the fault of Griffin’s design, or just a product of the Australian way of life, is probably a matter of conjecture.
  • The original site for the city was in the Molongolo River basin, but owing to an oversight, the basin was flooded in a successful attempt to create an artificial lake in the new city. The city was repositioned on the shores of the new lake, rather than having it in the water.
  • In its early history, Canberra was small, but got bigger as the years went by and is now a well established town that appears on maps of the region.
  • Most people who think they have visited Canberra have not in fact done so. They have been taken to a small outlet strip mall called ‘Civic’, just south of the town of Gungahlin. The real Canberra is some way beyond, hidden behind rolling hills.
  • The National Art Gallery is in Canberra, and so is the High Court, and the National Museum. Even if you do not go inside you can still see these marvels as you drive past.
  • If you go up to the top of hills in Canberra, you can look down and see things, below you.
  • Architects in Canberra design all the houses on the basis that people won’t be staying long. But the real estate agents charge on the basis that you can afford to pay for the rest of your life. Somewhere in between there is something called a career in the public service.
  • The place to live in Canberra is the Inner North, or Kingston, or some parts of the Inner South. These parts have proximity to the center, which is a desireable location owing to its centrality. Other parts are have proximity only to themselves and each other.
  • There is actually more to Canberra airport than you can physically see at any one time.
  • People say Canberrans are stuck up but that is just because they are lower class.
  • If you don’t like it, leave! Please come again.

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