In Defence of Singapore

Some people say that Singapore is soulless, boring, pricey, overly-regulated, and “not the real Asia.” If you’re one of them, I’m talking to you.


Perhaps the people here have better things to do than entertain you with their glamorous urban decay or quaint rural customs. Or perhaps, your life isn’t very soulful and you travel to Asia hoping some ‘eastern wisdom’ will rub off on you. Either way, this really sounds like your problem, not Singapore’s.


Again, the problem may be that your life is boring, and the reason you are travelling in Asia is so you can challenge yourself and prove you are “tough enough”. When you finally realise how facile this is, Singapore awaits. Oh, and if you stopped being a budget traveller and actually lived, worked and raised children in a developing country, you would like Singapore just fine as a safe, relaxing holiday destination. Trust me. And one more thing: people who travel overseas and then end up spending their whole time getting drunk and talking to other tourists probably shouldn’t be calling anyone else boring.


It’s less pricey than most modern Western cities. I bet you don’t complain about Paris or New York being expensive. Quit whining and spend your money, just like you would in those places.


You try running one of the world’s largest economies on a 15 kilometer wide island and we’ll see how you get on without lots of rules and regulations. Also: you were planning on littering, driving badly and spitting on the sidewalk, and all the damn regulations have inconvenienced you? Really?

Not the real Asia

Let me guess: the real Asia involves chaotic, poverty-stricken cities and charmingly backward native tribes, and Singapore doesn’t qualify. Hmmm.

Has it occurred to you that you are, in fact, quite racist?  

Nuff said.


4 thoughts on “In Defence of Singapore

  1. Hi Tom,

    Hook me up to that rant! I was also planning on writing a canberra one too and I’d like to see yours first.

    Frase – yeah we’re having fun. The vitriol starts to leak out when I relax…

    Mum – started raining here today, and everyone heaved sighs of reluef. Hasn’t rained in over a week! Can you imagine it? A whole week without rain. Some of the grass was even starting to go a slightly lighter shade of green.

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