Walindi Gallery

Shots from the New Britain trip with some comments. Louise back tomorrow, yay.

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1 – walindi wharf in the afternoon sun

2 – local men net fishing on the mudflats

3 – erin plays fetch with lara, using sand instead of sticks, and lara does not mind

4 – erin surprised while getting sand for lara

5 – boy at walindi village takes his shot

6 – cody and erin with red mud face paint form the hot river trip

7 – a struggle to get aboard affer restoff island swim

8 – vew from restoff to mainland

9  – cody and erin swimming at the deep seamount (also on facebook)

10 – view from the seamount to kimbe island in the rain

11 – the jungle

12 – guide joseph points to the birds instincively although there is no way cody can see his hand

13 – erin at the resort restaurant, tired after the ‘awful’ birding trip dad made her do

14 and 15 – some bad photos, by way of proof that there really were eclectus parrots and brahminy kites in that jungle.

Love S.


2 thoughts on “Walindi Gallery

  1. claire kleinig says:

    Good to see what you were doing. I hope that your birthday was a happy one. Love from John and Claire

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