Earthquake Prediction Rocks PNG Town of Lae

There has just been a medium sized earthquake.

This is extremely weird because there been a rumour going around that there would be an earthquake today.

Nationals have been saying it would come in the morning, and not to send the kids to school, to stock up on food, etc. All us smug expats have been poo-pooing this and wondering how you could possibly predict an earthquake.

Well, they were right. There was an earthquake. Did no damage, but it did happen. Went on for about a minute, but wasn’t very powerful.

There are earthquakes about once a month here so the chance of this coincidence is about one in thirty.

PS – Louise gets back today from her recall visit to Canberra. I can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “Earthquake Prediction Rocks PNG Town of Lae

  1. Glad to hear you are OK. Not that the earthquake has made it to the news – although being a small one and doing no damage should mean it is fully reported everywhere. Love to you all Mary/ Gran xox

  2. kevin sapulai says:

    yes it happens….i was in the class that time…but it was just a warning they say…around 4pm today 22nd march, there will be another one.

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