Do You Remember the Days of the Old School Yard? (Lawsuit remix version)

Some pictures for y’all of TISOL – The International School of Lae.

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Cody led his class assembly on Friday with an aplomb noted by many. Seriously, he did very well.

The school bell can be heard at our house, almost a kilometer away. I suspect this is actually a war relic.

I nearly cried the first time I went into the library because it reminded me so much of my own primary school library. They even have the same books. This place is so 1970s.

There are two main playgrounds and neither would pass OHS standards in Australia, and would soon  be replaced with rubber and tanbark and plastic in primary colours. I think they are great. And, broken arms don’t happen nearly as much as you’d think!

A rare shot of the pool when it isn’t green.

The ground staff are enthusiastic. When the grass is mowed and all the trees are cut down its time to mow that pesky patch of concrete in front of the canteen.

Do you remember the days of the old school yard?

We used to cry a lot!

(Probably because of all those broken arms).

In other news – happy birthday Paul K. also, The Chief Justice of PNG just got arrested so things could be interesting here legal wise. We leave in three weeks to go on holiday. Hopefully nothing kicks off before then.


2 thoughts on “Do You Remember the Days of the Old School Yard? (Lawsuit remix version)

  1. Dear Stephen, Lou, Cody and Erin

    I love this post. Yes the school is very 1970ish indeed but AME didn’t have a swimming pool! When AME was in Duntroon someone complained to the Minister for Education about mosquitoes in the creek, and the Minister signed the reply provided by the Department – which said that this was not the province of the Department of Education so go away. But he wrote in a little note on the bottom of the letter that he noticed that there were swings made of bits of rubber from old truck tires which collected water in which the mosquities were breeding – so why didn’t they bore some holes in the tires and all would be well?

    Have a great holiday – let me know where you are going. Lots of love

    Mary/Gran xox

  2. claire keinig says:

    Dear Stephen, Louise, Cody and Erin,
    Thanks for the blog and photos. It looked as if you had been doing this all your life Cody. I’m sure you sounded good as well.
    I remember some equipment in the Nuri school playground. One thing was the ocean wave which energetic people would run alongside while others sat on it and clung onto the rails . Then when it was going fast enough they would take a gigantic leap, land on the seat, make the whole thing wobble and we would be off rocking as much as possible to make the “ocean waves”. Another was the monkey bars whoch we used to sit on top of and do swings around, hang by our legs etc. I think there was sand underneath, stil not very soft if you fell off and landed on your back. I don’t think I cried when it happened to

    me. I was winded and spent the rest of the day in the sick bay!! Lots of love MCN

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