Lord Lady and Lady Mann

While we were in Adelaide Erin developed a strange pseudo-Scottish landed gentry persona called Lord Lady (Laddie?) who swans about in robes (a towel) making unintelligible pronouncements and pointing his hand at people in a sort of foppish yet oddly commanding manner (see fig 1.).

This character has resurfaced a few times lately.

Cody has subsequently developed an equivalent alter ego named Lady Mann. I have yet to take photos of Lady Mann but she also appears to be a member of some obscure and hitherto-unknown branch of the ancien regime, who have survived the onslaughts of modernism and eke out a gentrified existence wherever they can. Cody wears an actual robe, from his Lord Voldemort costume, to project this image.

I only have photos of Lord Lady so far, from the Wool Bay trip. Photos of the duo in action to follow at some point.



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