Stock-up tension in Lae

Lae is a bit weird over the last few days.

The liquor ban has been lifted temporarily before it is reintroduced in the lead-up the the elections. Everyone is stocking up – us included, as we do not know how long the new ban is going to last. It could be six months.There are a lot of rich targets driving around.

There is reports of rioting in an outlying township between some groups of Highlanders. There has also been a big ferry disaster near Finchhafen, 200 missing or dead. Town is full of drunk men, and hardly any women and kids around. Pedestrians and drivers are being a bit aggressive, and generally the  atmosphere is wrong.The horrible Markham wind isn’t helping.

We’re going to buy some more wine, but also, to stock up on food. Might pull the kids out tomorrow.






One thought on “Stock-up tension in Lae

  1. Mary says:

    Make sure you get lots of chocolate biscuits. Love to all. All well here. Fascinating stories in the Advertiser about bikies


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