Last Day


Stuff happening down in Port Moresby at the moment – they ousted Somare officially this time, not while his back was turned. It’s political upheaval this country probably needs, and I’m sure it’s all very interesting from a historical perspective as well, but right now I do not care and I just want to be in Australia. Tomorrow night we’re  in Brisbane. We’re going walk around the streets and find a Lebanese take away and I’m going to drink a decent beer.

So, it’s our last day. Louise is phaphing at work, then having her hair done, and then we have some packing to do and a final night in front of Being Human (our latest TV DVD Box Set craze), and then we are off tomorrow morning.

Really, really looking forward to this one.

Blog might go into hiatus for 3 weeks – not much point blogging for people I’m mostly seeing.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

Steve, Louise, Cody and Erin.


5 thoughts on “Last Day

  1. scratch that part about Somare being ousted. He ain’t out yet. I just read the morning paper and things have gotten very weird, the GG is refusing to swear in either PM and all sorts of hi-jinks are going on.

    Headline. 2 PMS. Now that has to be good right? Two heads better than one etc?

    Get us outta here.

  2. Just to cap things off, we jut had a 7.3 earthquake. Really big and lasted for ages.

    We’re all fine, no one hurt as far as we know but maybe bad stuff happened close to the epicentre. They felt it in Moresby as well, so that is one BIG quake.

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