Lae YouTube

One thing I have even meaning to do is get a video camera in the car, so I can show you the roads here and the town generally.

Tuns out there is no need as several other people have already done this, so all I need to do is imbed their videos.

This first video is mostly set in Eriku.We live right near here. The car drives right past the kids school.  After about 3 minutes they head out to Unitech and we never have reason to go that way.

The next video by American tourists goes down by the market area. We go here quite a bit. This was in 2008. The roads are way worse than that, now.

This last video tries to show just how bad the roads are, but it doesn’t fully capture it. There are many worse bits. It starts out down near the yacht club at the bottom of town and drives all the way up Markham Road to the Golf Course and then back through Eriku. It is in Hi Def so is kinda slow to load.

Once you’re in YouTube there are piles more vids including one of the kids school. Try:


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