Bakc to Sqool Agian

I’m enrolled. My first subject (Economy and Society) starts in what Open Universities call Study Period 4, and everyone else calls ‘Summer.’ It’s mid November to end February. So, I will be studying over Xmas – but probably not very hard. Most of the key stuff is in January.

I have about a month to get used to the idea of being a student again. All my previous images will have to be updated. Canvas schoolbag with band names written on it in texta – no. Going to the library and crushing on geeky girls in the next row – no. Standing in line to enrol – no. Getting Austudy and HECS – no. Piles of textbooks with post-it-notes and highlighters – no. Tutor’s teaching me how to use aspostrophe’s – not likely!

My course doesn’t even have a textbook. The materials are all online. The exam is online. The discussion is online. And everyone in it will have degrees already. We’re all grown-ups, in this class.

We’ll have to see how it all goes. If it’s all right, I can try a few more courses. It also remains to be seen if I will be a “Ps get degrees” student, or a distinction-hungry fiend like some other people I know (not mentioning any names). After all, it is just a top-up qualification…

S “Chopper” McKenzie


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