Independence Day TISOL 2011

Independence day is actually on Friday but the school knew no-one was going to be around so they had it two days early.

I have been mucking about with Paint.Net as a photo-editor hence the faux-artiness of some shots.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1 – The crowd on the day.

2 – Erin sings the national anthem in the hall.

3 – Erin on stage singing her local song which was a Mosobe tune.

4 – Erin’s teacher Mrs Pondros (left) and another teacher.

5 – Erin’s friend Ashley Pelgen (left), and Maya Angelique Ressurecion, another friend who invitd the kids to her birthday party last week.

6 – Another teacher.

7 – Cody doing a local Morobean custom dance with his year 3 class.

8 – Some more of Cody’s class doing a modern dance. His friend Haille (Hailey) Duffield is on the right, in purple. She looks rather impressive and mature in this picture, but in real life this girl has the squeakiest voice I have ever heard, and makes Erin’s baby voice sound like Paul Robeson with a head cold. We went on a picnic with her family recently, to the local zoo, and she came in the car with us on the way there. I had to put my fingers in my ears every time she spoke.

Happy Independence Day,



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