We are in Cairns. On the Esplanade. Weather dreamy. Erin keeps asking me in PNG is going to be like this. Poor chook.

A couple of guys looked at me funny last night, but otherwise the security situation is OK!

Actually they might have been looking at me like that because I was carrying Erin, who had passed out from tiredness after getting up at 4 in the morning. Everyone is talking about “the game”. This means the State of Origin match that occurred last night. I confess to having my mind on other things. Cairns looks all right though, we know we’ll be coming here a bit so it was cool to have a first taste.

We ran into Frank Boulay at our hotel, and went out to have Thai food with him. Franck is a mate from Solomon who taught us to dive. He is also married to Louise’s PNG colleague Bec, and, living in our Port Moresby compound, and, looking after our security and logistics while we are in POM (which by the way means Port Moresby). He has just got a job with Coffey International, who are the company looking after the security / contract stuff in PNG on behanf of AusAid. He might be catching our plane this avo.

So it is hard to imagine a more fitting person to have run into (into whom to have run?).

Flying out at 3. POM Drinks at 5. Sleep at 9? Hotel til Friday then the apartment next to Franck and Beck. I’ll be back with photos soonish.



3 thoughts on “Cairns

  1. Mary McKenzie says:

    Pleased to hear things are good so far, Hope POM is good today. Look forward to mpre news

    Lots of love to all of you

    Mary/ Gran xox

  2. Mary McKenzie says:


    Kirsty sent a phone message from Williams Creek in the Northern Territory, sending her love. Lake Eyre was great. all going well

    Lots of love

    Mary/ Gran

  3. Anna says:

    concerned to hear that PNG has already infiltrated Cairns McKleinzie clan to the extent that Erin is now a chook. I hope they have witch doctors for that.

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