Faceybook Killed the Bloggio Star

Look, it’s another one of my ‘blog retraction’ posts.

I’m going to put this blog back into hiatus for the foreseeable future – I suspect until we leave Adelaide again. I’ll continue to post very occasionaly but it will be more of a family archive thing than it will be an actual regular blog, and I’ll probaby e-mail people to let you know if there’s something relevant up here. I also can’t see myself ever finding the time to blog more about other extended family members as I said I would in January. I’m too busy with work, house rennovations and other stuff. And I know that no-one will be disappointed about this no-one has been coming here, and also because Facebook is so ragey at the moment that everyone is on there.

Incidentally Louise is on Facebook in a big way and set to upload key Germany photos on there. So if you want to stay in touch with us, that’s probably the place to be.





One thought on “Faceybook Killed the Bloggio Star

  1. claire says:

    having just come home from interstate with micropccillin taking an hour to upgrade security, I logged on to your blog to see what’s going on. I guess in future I’ll just have to ring or visit or see you around the place to catch up. Shouldn’t be too hard!!

    Love, Claire

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