The Luther Room

It’s coming to the end of Friday, our last day in Thuringia. So much jawdropping and eye-popping stuff has happened that it is hard to know where to start but there are three shots I thought worth sharing with you.

Luther lived in this room in the Wartburg Castle above Eisenach, when he was in the bad books with the Catholic heirarchy, and while he was concentrating on putting the good book into German. The desk and chair are not original (and nor is the portrait of Luther, funnily enough) but the room still has a real atmosphere of originality, of importance and of reverence. It’s become almost a place of pilgrimage, perhaps out of keeping with what he was aiming at, but very tangible all the same.

And when you are trying to explain to your kids what Lutheran actually means, being able to point to a desk, a bible and an old printing press and say “Luther did that…here!” beats a lot of much less tangible expalnations…




We had a great day at the Wartburg. We love Thuringia and are sad to be going so soon.

More from Dresden.



2 thoughts on “The Luther Room

  1. Mary McKenzie says:

    Glad you loved Thuringia. Love the photos. In Adelaide today, it is 31 May, so Happy Birthday Stephen for tomorrow.

    M/ Gran

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