Rumours of the Switz’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated…

…by me, mostly.

Turns out she could be fine. She has recovered so well after the antibiotics and the steroids that she doesn’t really look or act sick at all, just a little weird, and has even been catching rats which is something she’d never normally do. Liver function tests are normal and the best case scenario is that it is just a spleen infection. We’ll see.

Anyway, we are not having her put down. Claire K has kindly offred to look after her for us. Hopefully the swelling will go down, and she’ll live for another few more years. Yay.

In the meantime the idea of getting a new kitty has become so entrenched that we think we’ll do it anyway and have a crossover phase. The new kitty will be called Sequins or Sequence. Probably.

In the meantime the Sweetness Machine Presents:







kitty on roof 1



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