Paul and Anna 1 v World 0

My lovely brother-in law and sister-in-law (in-law) Paul and Anna Kleinig left on their giant overseas tour last Friday, leaving with a trace of sadness that poor Esther Kitty will almost certainly not be here when they get back  in late July (that was what we thought when they left, anyway). but otherwise, glad to be up and away.

 I am not the only person who has attempted to massage / micromanage their itinerary (“Hey, you guys could go to Swaziland! I have a friend there, I think his name’s Bill!” ), and they have guarded against this in the traditional fashion, namely by smiling politely and then being as vague and elusive as possible about where it is they are actually going. Nonetheless I have gleaned from various sources that their planned route is something like this:

  • Friday a few weeks ago: stoping briefly in Auckland
  • Last week – somewhere in Canada, sort of near the middle, near some falls of some sort I think, playing golf
  • Now – Germany, in the eastern bit, but leaving before we arrive there, so as not to cause undue overcrowding
  • A bit later – Spain, in a farmhouse near Barcelona, or was it Valencia? Hmmmm.
  • After that – Going to Turkey on a package trip (not sure where)
  • Much later – In Craig Highland Farm in Wester Ross, Scotand, near Plockton (they told me about this one in detail. I know exactly where it is. and have the satelitte cameras ready.) 
  • Finally – Back to Adelaide and then quickly down to Robe before anyone realises they are back in the country.

Oh the lucky devils what fun that they will have, etc…


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