Land of the Humans!

Well folks, we’re off to Germany as of May 25th, a Monday. So it’s about to get pretty fahrty up in here for a while. For those that care, our itinerary is:

May 26 – arrive Frankfurt 6am and get on a train to Eisenach, in the Thuringerwald. Staying in the family apartment of the Jugendherberge (youth hostel) “Arthur Becker”, near the Wartburg, which is apparently some humungous ginormous town-sized castle. This is where Luther went to school. Walking in the beech forest a strong attraction here.

May 30:  Longish train trip to Dresden. Staying in an apartment in the town centre near a large park for the kids to wocket around in. Trips to the south Wendish town of Bautzen on the Elbe, the half-Polish border town of Gorlitz, and the strange miniature alpine region known as Saxon Switzerland which spills over into the Czech Republic.

June 6 – A short train north to Lubbenau in the northern Wendish area, staying in a flat near the train station in the Altmarkt  and taking canal boat rides through the Spreewald to forest towns like Lehde and Burg im Spreewald. Eating gherkins (and other foodstuffs where available).  

June 10 – A short train north to Berlin. Staying in a  flat on Immaneulkirchstrasse in Prenzlauerberg about a kilometer from Alexanderplatz, right in the middle. Lots of museums and a possible side trip to Wittenberg. Wearing black, drinking too much coffee, and making seemingly profound but actually very banal pronounements about the nature of art and life.

June 17 – A long-ish train ride and then week in Bamberg, in an apartment in the old town near the canals. Bamberg is in the northern Bavarain region of Franconia and has a strong tradition of brewing, as well as actually making beer, and building breweries, which apparently also make and sell beer. Who knew? Possible side trips to beer Nuremberg or Wurzbeerburg.

June 23 – straight back to Frankfurt and leaving at a late hour. Back on Wednesday the 24th, probably weighing about 10k more than when we left. We’re doing our bit to assist growth!  

And we’ll be taking the camera.




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