Back to Work

I start work again today at Mawson Lakes. Actually, I’ll be working from town most days, but have to come out here for the next few days to sort out all the usual stuff – IT, contracts and all the rest.

It’s a year long research associate job, 4 days a week, good people, low stress, and enough to support the wife and kids while they do their thang. In other words, it’s perfect, except the actual research subjects, which are…get this…training standards in the rail industry, and middle management stress in VET.

You know they’ve always been a passion of mine but I don’t like to talk about it very much…

Anyhoo, we’re in Adelaide for the forseeable future. Hopefully the next three years. I’ll continue to update this when I feel like it. There will be a big rush of posts over the next few weeks so stay tuned…



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