Troveresse and Carnevale

My aunt Helen Dell sings a mean mezzosoprano, and plays the portative too. (I didn’t know what one was until just now.) I was reminded of her musical pursuits at Dad’s memorial service when it was mentioned that she can sing some of Schubert’s Winterreise song-cycle (part of which she played for us).

So I googled her and look what came out!

Unlike her daughter Miriam Dell (who is actually a London train signals engineer but shares a name with an important figure in the NZ Womens Rights movement), my aunt Helen is the Helen Dell of internet note and gets top billing. She has as a number of different musical places you can check out.

1 – Her band Troveresse on Myspace (Melbourne medieval ensemble). You can listen to the tunes in the Myspace player. This band was formed by Helen to play 12th-and 13th-century French trouvères music but the range has widened to include Spanish and other styles.

2 – Her former band Carnevale, a trio. There are actual Mp3s up on the site you can download. I’ve deep-linked to the second one.

Carnevale: ‘Lamento di Tristano’ and ‘La Rotta’ – Anon. Fourteenth century Italian.

That’s all going straight to the sidebar, folks. If you enjoy medieval music, why not have a listen to some that’s family grown?  


PS – I am not yet the Stephen McKenzie of inernet note, or even the S. J. McKenzie, my pen-name. I share those names with all sorts of plumbers, chemists and a variety of dead Scottish people. But onward and upward, I say!


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