Artwork by Tim Dell

I saw my cousin Tim Dell at the memorial service for my Dad yesterday. Afterwards we sat around in the new look Largs Bay Hotel and chatted about how we used to pretend to be wombles when we were nine. It was good to catch up. But why do these things have to happen in such dire circumstances?

Tim lives at Riverton near the Clare Valley now, pursuing art and music. Some of his stuff is up over at the Art Logic Site. They don’t allow deep linking so just go to the site, go to ‘artists’ and then look for Timothy Dell.

This is probably my favourite of the ones up there. It is called Hunting Seafood at San Remo, Victoria.

I have photos, music, words, all sorts ogf things from yesterday’s memorial servcice which was nice and went quite smoothly. Thanks everyone who was there. It might take me quite a while to get it all happening, as I am tired. Little steps…



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