It’s a Horrible Wind That Blows Some Good

It looked for a while as though we were going to have a nice cool summer here in Adelaide but that evil north wind has been up to it’s old tricks, as of about a week ago. I guess very climate has its bad points, and Adelaide’s is definitely the dry wind of summer. Just evil. It came in last week and the whole scenario has changed. The garden, which was a riot of rejuvenated green, now has that “blasted to hades” look that just never seems comes into style.

Meanwhile our kitchen has also been the scene for some hot dry action, in the form of the dehumidifier which has been in place since last thursday and goes out today, hopefully. Basically it’s a hot air machine that sucks water out of whatever it is near!

Why did we need that? To cut a long story short, there was a slow leak while we were away, the floor got soaked, and when the man came to lift up the lino to assess the damage he said it was the worst thing held seen in 13 years on the job. Lucky the insurance is paying to fix it all…

So, with the kitchen unusable, we have been staying at at the Kleinig’s place while they were away. Good timing really, as they come back they day we can move back in.

Anyway, we went out to celebrate our twelfth wedding anniversary last night at a cafe in Henley beach, with the kids, and admidst all the group hugs, we found ourselves none the worse for wear because of the whole kitchen experience. The kids don’t seem to mind staying at their nana and papa’s either. Really the whole thing could have been a lot worse.

Wish us a happy anniversary and luck with our kitchen rennovations, I say…



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