My Uncle Andrew

Here is my uncle, Andrew Lynch. I seem to look more and more like him every year. What’s more, people did not have any difficulty working out that we were related when we both used to attend the same conferences, and that was years ago now.  

I think this is roughly what I am going to look like in about fifteen years time.

Could be a lot worse really.


2 thoughts on “My Uncle Andrew

  1. Andy says:

    Hullo Stephen, and Louise, Cody and Erin,

    Tom told me about the blog, while we were catching waves at City Beach yesterday evening. How nice to hear from you. I was lacking a family blog to read after Polarpilgrimage ended.

    A bad thing about getting older is weaker eyesight. But you can take off your glasses to shave, and gratefully accept the blur.

    Hope we meet up before too long. Love to you all,

    Andy and Perth Lynches

  2. Hi Andy,

    Yes we should get together again soon. Me and Lou would love to do the whale sharks at Ningaloo thing so we might come over to WA at some point and go up via Perth.

    Things are a bit crazy. K’s birthday yesterday, big party later in the month, our anniversary, rennovations looming, and hot hot weather. Kids are well.

    For the record I think my eyesight will hold out but I will probably be deaf as a stobie pole by the time I am about sixty. Me and Louise already have to bawl at each other like fishwives whenever there is any other background sound in the room (i.e. whenever the kids are there).



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