Season’s Greetings from an Inaudible Soprano

About once a year, my father tells the story of his opera-loving friend friend Robert Moore (actually Robert Mau, I later found), who could not sing to save his life but who would undertake passionate imitations of his favourite sopranos, aiming for notes so high that his vocal chords could not even register the smallest sound. Instead, his audience would merely be treated to grotesque facial expressions accompanied by a fervent trembling of Robert’s head as the (inaudible) music moved through him. Perhaps bats or dogs could have heard the sound he made, but not Dad and his merely human companions.

Dad’s imitation of this gets more amusing very year. Here he is on his 70th birthday celebration earlier this month, imitating Robert Mau singing sporano.


OK, so what on earth is the post title about then? Well, Cody and I recently experimented with recording ourselves saying “Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year”, running it backwards, learning to say it backwards, then recording and running that file backwards so we get to hear it forwards again….sort of.

Unfortunately “Christmas” is a rather hard word to say backwards as this mp3 demonstrates, and we both sounded like we are saying “Pchussmass” when we ran it forward again.

BTW – I have lowered both mine and Cody’s voices in this recording. Louise had a teary monent when she heard this, as it gives a brief insight into what the lad will sound like when he is about fifteen….

Anyway, Happy New Year. We’re off to Paul and Anna’s this evening, kids are going to Tim and Pakan’s for a sleepover. I hope we see midnight, but actually I’m already feeling a wee bit tired, and it’s only half past one in the afternoon. Perhaps a nap is in order.



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