A New Look and New Direction For 2009

Hi, I’m at lunch on my first day at work out at Mawson Lakes (I’m here til Feb 20) and I thought I’d stop by the ol’ sweetness machine.  

My stats page tells me that no-one is reading this at the moment so I figured now was a good time to do a little experiment with themes and formatting. It’s – a new theme! The grass will soon be replaced with a photo. And that’s just the beginning of the planned makeover. But I won’t be putting anything up til I’ve finished. That’s right folks – for the next three weeks we’re going to be completely content free, and its’ going to be all about rejigging this blog for a new phase in 2009.

Next year, this blog will be all about the extended family – not just McKenzie and Kleinig, but Lynch, Mickan, Andersen, Bentley, Graham, all the Daves and Sues and Freds and Trevors that make up the pendulous network that was created when me and Louise cut the cake and bought the rings, nigh on 12 years ago. There will be travel flashbacks, kiddie photos, wedding shots, birthday greetings and all sorts, all of it G-Rated and fit for public consumption.

My music blog, http://southernsteve.wordpress.com, will be the place to go for my music online and some more M-Rated personal ramblings.

So, stop back in the new year and see what’s going on.

In the meantime, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

Steve McK


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