Go Finis

The parties are all done but one, the packing is near complete, and we’re into the final phases of pretty much everything. It’s go finis time. We’re having friends over tomorrow, a kastom meal with locals on Thursday and that’s it.

I’ve been thinking for a few days about what would make an appropriate last Solomon post and the best I can think of is to review my list of things I would miss and wouldn’t miss from last year (Nov 19 rather than Nov 18), to see if anything has changed.

Things I’ll miss:

  • The little bird that immitates the sound of the microwave (hasn’t been around lately)
  • The wrecks at Bonege (I can’t dive any more, but Louise goes diving tomorrow one last time)
  • Lizards everywhere (yes)
  • Kakobono Fried Chicken (KFC) (not really)
  • Frogs hopping about in the rain (we found out they are cane toads)
  • Intense rainstorms (YES, I’ll sure miss those)
  • Walking through Koloale to Chinatown with the kids (won’t really miss that any more)
  • Franjipani Ice (no)
  • Watching the cargo ships in the harbour (Not really)
  • All the weird letters to the Solomon Star (haven’t been reading it)
  • Getting to know new kinds of plants with the kids (’bwip’ grass, sensitive plant, etc) (yes but I can do it in Adelaide too)
  • Amazing two-minute sunsets (OH YES)
  • The kids playing with ‘kastom’ toys made from leaves (YES)
  • Eveyone saying ‘morneeng’ to each other on the street, even at 3pm (YES)
  • Saying ‘hem alright’ and ’stacka’ and ‘tumas’. (YES)
  • Enny, Takin and other local girls who play with the kids (YES)
  • The fact that everywhere I go, someone knows Cody (NO, it’s gotten annoying)
  • Amazing diving and snorkelling (Yes although the jellyfish are making it hard)
  • Andrew Iro, one of our security guards (NO left last year)
  • The islands on the horizon (YES)

In addition I’d add:

  • Having all the housework done
  • Having all the housework done
  • Having all the housework done
  • Having all the housework done
  • Having all the housework done

Things I won’t miss:

  • Sweat (YES)
  • Bites (YES)
  • Rashes (YES)
  • Squashed, dessicated frog carcasses all over the roads (YES)
  • Worrying about Malaria (YES)
  • Lack of places to go (YES)
  • Hopeless staff in shops and offices (YES)
  • Inadequate services (YES)
  • Crummy shops (YES)
  • Worrying about unrest (NO, hasn’t seemed an issue since the new government took power).

Nothing further to add.

On balance it looks as though the won’t miss is out-weighing the miss by a considerable degree and it is definitely time. Two years was about right. The money has been great in the second year but things are getting more and more expensive, the bad exchange rate is hitting people hard, and new taxes aimed mostly at RAMSI staff are being introduced, so we feel like we’re going home at about the right time anyway.

So, lukim ifala lo Somonon, sometime in the future maybe, but we are all Australia bound.

Thus ends the Solomon Phase of the Sweetness Machine.

Steve, Nov 18th 2008.


2 thoughts on “Go Finis

  1. Tim K says:

    Should you receive this before packing up, know that we are all very excited and looking forward to seeing you shortly.

    I empathise for
    I, too, became allergic,
    But to exercise

    It’s true, two weeks ago, on a romantic weekend away in Melbourne, shortly before our romantic dinner, I developed Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis (or EIA, to those in the know) and we consequently spent our romantic evening together in a small outer suburban emergency department. Perhaps I should not say that I empathise, as I was not, strictly speaking, doing something I particularly enjoy (i.e. jogging). I do regret not having the presence of mind (unlike yourself) to take out the camera and record the moment for posterity.

  2. It’s all good, Tim. The moment will live on in my heart.

    (Glad to hear ou are OK).

    WE are packed, I am at a cafe now. Louise is finalising things at the office having an EXIT meeting.

    The sun is very hot.


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