Louise Kleinig Dives the TOA Maru

Wouldn’t you know it but the very last (main) thing Louise had to do for work was a trial in the provinces? Myself and pikininis were left bereft in Honners last week while she had her lawyerly way with the accused out West, gone from Saturday to Saturday. (Dude got his ass kicked, natch).

Problem for me was that I had been diving earlier in the week (see the last post) and come a cropper from the jellyfish larvae stings, to which I have now developed an allergic reaction and can no longer dive.

No jokes about Housedad’s Ear or Snorkler’s Neck this time – I was seriously sick, and got tested for malaria and meningitis just to be on the safe side.


Louise on the other hand has had no such problems. While not busy serving up steaming hot chunks of justice, she dived a ww2 wreck with a torpedo hole in it, name blo hem Toa Maru, and her buddy (a policeman) took these photos. Lucky bastards. Click to enlarge.






Anyway she’s back now, and that’s IT for the provincial trips, IT for the diving (for me and probably Louise) and IT for the high-end lawyering. She’s writing a capacity building report in her final days and that’s all. She has one-an-a-half days of work remaining.

We have a work function on Saturday (can’t wait for those speeches), a farewell for friends on Sunday, the kids finish up school on Thursday, and we fly out Friday morning.

I am anticipating making one last Solomon post early next week before packing the computer up, and then maybe one or two ‘Back to Adelaide’ posts before putting this blog into hiatus.



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