Johnson Dongga Dives Bonegi

Just a note to interested parties in Solomons and abroad to say that Johnson Donnga of the Tetepare Descendants’ Association has done an Adventures in Scuba Diving session at Bonegi Beach with Grant Joslin of the Invader Dive Charters company, and may hopefully receive credit for this towards an Open Water Certificate in the coming months. (I believe he has sponsorship from the Ministry of Tourism to that end).





A bit of background:
we met Johnson in Tetepare in Feb 2008 when Canadian Volunteers Mike and Janine were still on the island and discussed the notion of setting up a dive shop on Rendova to service the island. Johnson visited us in June and we attempted to further the idea by taking him diving with Franck Bouley on two occasions, and there was some prospect that I might be in a position to assist whim with writing a grant to further the scheme.

However, Solomon Time being what it is, Johnson only got approval from the TDA recently and we’re out of here in a week’s time, so I’ve baled on the project, and made various attempts to pass the scheme on to new people.

Anyways, maybe we’ll be back someday (probably in about five years) to find a nice shiny dive shop outpost on Rendova, so we can see those dugongs close up and personal…

in the meantime, we’re outta here!!!

All the best,



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