Fatboys is a resort near Ghizo, named after a lazy servant in Dickens’ Pickwick Papers. The idea is that you laze around and eat and drink a lot, and I am pleased to report that we performed these duties with an aplomb noted by many. We also went diving and canooing, but have few pictures to prove it.

As you may have noticed I’m not feeling very wordy at the moment. A picture tells a thousand words, so will fourteen pictures do for my final year assignment? This is Mt Kolombangharra, with Kennedy Island in the foreground.

We paddled out to Kennedy Island (so-called because JFK was once shipwrecked on it) in kayaks with the kids, and saw dolphins and an eagle’s nest. Grant, the owner of Fatboys, took a photo of us from the lodge, talking to some locals who were also visiting. I am in a black hat, wearing yellow shorts.

The accomomdation at Fatboys is fairly basic. You learn to make do, living in the tropics.

Of course I’m joking you ninny. The accommodation is excellent. This was not our bunglalow but gives you an idea.

The main building and restaurant is perched out over the water and reached via a long walkway.

Inside the restaurant is filled with driftwood…

The sunsets are a bit special.

We engaged in a bit of sandcastle building. Nothing to match to initial Largs McKenzie effort of building a sandcastle as high as Cody, but good nonetheless.

Oh, and we went to Ghizo, third largest town in the Solomons. Hem y oraet nomoa (trans: it was OK).

Back soon with the Lola shots. (We were there before we went to Fatboys).

Disclaimer: Yes, I know this is like the most boring holiday slide-show you’ve ever seen. Thing is, my external hard drive has crashed, and I’m worried the last remaining drive on this computer will die in transit, too. I’m basically using WordPress as remote storage until we get back to Australia.

Hope all are well,



3 thoughts on “Fatboys

  1. claire says:

    we still recognise you from the photos so the results of all that eating and drinking and lazing are not too dire. The black and gold photo of a sunset is stunningly beautiful,
    Love etc, Claire

  2. Mary and John McKenzie (at Margie Kenny's in Perth) says:

    Dear S

    This might work on Margie’s email. Love the photos and looo forward to checking them out properly when I return today to Adelaide. I’ve been here for Mary Anne’s 60th birthday. Everyone sends their love


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