Mummy’s First Birthday

Went out into the street today with the kids to pick flowers for the house, and mentioned to the kids that it was the first of the things we’ll be doing for Louise’s birthday this weekend. I should probably have guessed how that was going to translate for the three-year old mind. According to Erin Mummy is now enjoying her first birthday.

Louise is loving the digital camera she got in Canberra and keeps rushing up to show me her new shots around the house and garden – I think she’s going for the whole ‘beauty in the everyday’ thing rather than the ‘document every square meter of our holiday’ agenda that some people I know have. Not mentioning any names.

Anyway suffice to say that Lou has discovered the joys of digital. Enjoy,

We’ll be out tonight at a movie night with the kids (Bee Movie – groan), but we’ll be in tomorrow night so that’s the best time to ring. We’re having a dinner party on the night itself.


2 thoughts on “Mummy’s First Birthday

  1. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY LOU. Will try ringing. Love the photos. In due course you can see some of the ones I have taken with the new digital camera I bought in Katoomba



  2. OK, cool, I passed that on.

    The home phone does not work and we’ve almost given up on it. Her mobes is the solomon dial code plus nine six five oh five. It might be very hard to get her though as the network is often busy, or just plain bust. Hope you can get through.

    Just about to go diving.

    Have a nice weekend.


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