Polar Pilgrimage / Missing Wedding Video

My cousin Tom and his wife Max are blogging up a storm over at:

Polar Pilgrimage

It’s the diary of their world tour, but there’s no Trafalgar Square and a side trip to Venice for these guys. They started out in Japan, I think, and then got all Siberian up over there for a wee bit. Now they are in Granada, if you please. Anyways there is four months worth up there, and if you thought I was wordy, you should check these two. They’ve actually got summat to say!

I recall taking a delightful video at their wedding in Fremantle a while back (2004, Oct or Nov I think), showing Tom bobbing about rapidly between various family members while waiting for Max to show up, all set to the string quartet who were playing a lively pizzicato tune that suited the image perfectly. I was going to put it up but have searched the hard drive and cannot find it, not one little bit. I think it must be on the other computer back in Adelaide. Maybe next year I’ll stick it on here. There’s going to be a lot of flashback stuff coming up on this blog in the next year or so…

We’re well. We are gearing up for a big trip to the Western Province (Sept 19-Oct 1) and then it’s final term and the home strait. Except that Louise has been offered a trial in Ghizo in October, so we might all be going over there with her for the week or two the trial is on. So a fair bit of the next few months looks like being spent out West, which is great.




5 thoughts on “Polar Pilgrimage / Missing Wedding Video

  1. John and Mary McKenzie says:

    Dear Steve, Lou and kids

    I am still in Katoomba, John went home yesterday to be there with Rowan – who stayed with Rocky’s owner who agreed to have him as a guest – although Ricky has died. She must be either very kind or a fanatic – apparently Rowie ate a loin of lamb she had put out before roasting it for a dinner party – and she says she’ll be happy tp have him again.

    Kirsty and family are doing well. Sophia is growing quickly and has started to settle down well – at least she had up to last night which I don’t know about (some nights are better than others, I gather, but things are generally good). I am having the day off so that K and Jules and Olivia and Sophie can have a family day together. I have been doing the sightseeing thing – waterfalls and the like – and, for me, a long hilly walk. It has been freezing with hail and sleety snow but is sunny today.

    We are really looking forward to your return. Hope the last bit is bearable. I haven’t tried ringing so don’t know if the phone is back. John is home – going out tonight – Saturday – but likely to be home most nights. I go on Thursday morning – 14 August

    Love to all


  2. claire says:

    Dear Louise, Stephen, Cody and Erin,
    The countdown is on. Good to hear that all is well. I went with Hilary to a concert last night, the Takacs quartet, who are amazing. They played a quartet by Janacek which was very engaging. I tried to ring this morning and will try again. The fam. is coming to lunch next Sunday and we are hoping to give you a birthday call when they are here so that everyone can say hello,

    Love you lots,

  3. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    Got home yesterday to a cold wet Adelaide. I have never seen it so green. Katoombsa is colder though it seemed war4mer inside – our heating was not designed for this winter. John is very cold-ridden still. Kirsty, Jules and the little ones are all great.

    Just saw Hilary and Isaac in Semaphore. She looks terrific and so does he – blooming.

    Happy Birthday Lou – we’ll try ringing. Lots of love to all

    Mary and John

  4. Hi Steve, Louise and kids …

    Did you know that if you recommend our blog we get a little flyer of your recommendation on our admin page? WE SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

    Anyway, very nice of you! Glad you are reading a little of it, as you say it’s not short on … length.

    I remember the few minutes to the wedding with perfect clarity, and my constant striding back and forth to shake hands — would love to see that video if you ever dredge it up.

    I’ve added TRUBBLE IN PARADICE to my “stuff I read” thing.



  5. Hi Tom,

    Yeah, I can see links and so forth on my admin page too.

    Sounds like you guys are having a blast. I’d like to see it all plotted out on a map sometime.

    Will leave you a comment sooner or later.



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