Adelaide Shots: Isaac and retinue

Further to the last post, here are some shots from the digital camera Louise got in Adelaide. If H and G or anyone else doesn’t want these online, kindly let me know and I’ll remove them.

FYI – the internet is back online but the phone still doesn’t work. Another situation is also looming – the power company have gotten heavily into debt and can no longer afford to buy diesel to run their generator, so we lose power often and there is talk of a major power cut until the Government steps in to lend them more money. We’re being advised to stock up on candles. How reassuring. There is also another vote of no confidence in the current government tabled, which will go before Parliament soon. I suppose it will be read by lamplight. So, just another week in Honners, really.

Here’s the eye candy. Looks like Erin had a good time. Congrats again to the proud parents (of Isaac, I mean. We’re already proud enough of Erin).

The McKenzie chin-clench stretches into another generation…


2 thoughts on “Adelaide Shots: Isaac and retinue

  1. louise says:

    I love how in that first photo I captured the only moment when everybody WASN’T staring at Isaac. Is he still beautiful? L

  2. someone to your left is demanding food in an appealing manner. i’m guessing oliver. that accounts for 3 people.

    john is probably thinking about getting everyone a drink.

    can’t account for claire. maybe she was listening to pakan or tim.

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