Attack of the Giant Smallies

1 – Isaac (not sure of last name but probably) Osman was born in the W and C hospital in Adelaide the Monday before last, which was June 30. Not 100% sure of this date but it was very close to that time. July 1? Louise headed over on July 3, very shortly after he was born. He is doing well, and we have photos from her trip that I may put up at some point soon (?) Congratulations to G and H.

2 – Sophia (not sure of middle name) Andersen was born at 6.53 am EST this morning – 17 July. She will have a middle name which is not yet decided. She hadn’t been weighed when Julian rang but they think it was about 3.5 kilos. Sophia was born in Penrith but they are moving them to Katoomba Hospital, hopefully today. Congratulations to K and J.

3 – Copied from Fraser Pearce’s blog:

As of 11:09 this evening (Sunday, the 6th of July, 2008) Oscar, Francesca, and Emmanuelle have a baby brother. Following tradition, his name will first be spoken at his baptism. The baptism will be at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Bendigo on July the 27th at 10:00am.
There’s photos of the new Pearce baby up on Fraser’s blog now. Check the sidebar, kids.
I’m sure there’s still more…

4Ayla Thompson just made it into July. She and family are well. Congrats to Luke and Lee.



3 thoughts on “Attack of the Giant Smallies

  1. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    Dear Stephen

    Good to see that you got the news. I tried ringing but to no avail. Haven’t spoken to Kirsty yet.


    Mary and John

  2. landline phones still not working and mobile network constantly busy becuase of all the extra traffic. I will e-mail Kirstry. Send her big congrats and love from me.


  3. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    I have spoken to Kirsty and send her your congratulations. Turns out Sophia was bigger than they thought from just looking at her. She weighed in at about 3.9 – not as big as Isaac but almost.

    We go tomorrow morning. Will check emails etc in cafes but may not do so every day.



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