Hiyo Karate CHOP!

The good news is that we made it back from Canberra safely and were reunited with Louise and Erin in Brisbane at 11.30pm on Friday night.

The bad news is that the phone and net are still down so I am back to the ol’ Pt. Cruz net cafe. There’s talk of having to bribe officials operators to get the services back on again. I’m just not doing that. Telekom sent us a bill recently for the entire period the strike has been on, trtying to charge us for their services. Bloody cheek. About to go and sort that out when I’m finished here.

The other bad news is that I left half my photos and vids in Canberra on Sarah and Russel’s laptop so what we get here is a selection skewed to the last three days I was there. That means no snow shots until I get the photos back.

Also the bad news is that Cody and I both have viral conjunctivitus and he has headlice.

Without further ado or bad news, here are shots of Canmberra with commentary.


Me and Codes took a few nights out from Sarah and Russel’s place to stay at the Rex Hotel and hang out on our own. Here’s our view:

WE went to the Pancake Parlour one night which I think of as being very Canberran even though they are all over the place. Here we are in the Convex / cave mirror in the lobby.

The Wig and Pen is a proper Canmnberra institution now and the ale is delicious. The lemonade is not bad either. Cody was good company this night.

TRIPS out with SARAH

WE hung out with Sarah most days and did all sorts of trips out. Here’s a few shots of us at the Hedge Maze at Duntroon. In typical childhood fashoion I remember it as taller rather than me as shorter. Adults have a considerable advantage in there, although we still struggled to get through until we realised that the entrance and exit are the same.

Canmberra museum definitely worth a visit now. Unfortunately they built it right across from that cove near the yacht club where we used to play as a children and which is basically my favourite place in the world. Cody is pictured on the shore near the museum with the cove in the background on the other side if the lake. While formerly there was nothing but trees on the north side, now the guady primary colours of the museum demand attention. The sense of seclusion is somewhat spoiled but I still love the place. We went there on Wednesday and saw the old Yarralumla House too but did not take a camera. Cody’s reaction to seeing the Yarralumla house was a slighly envious: “So you used to live ner TWO big OVALS?”

Outside the old Curtin house. I still think of this as being mine. The ‘owners’ are just renting it off the Government.

A trip to the Contented Soul in Woden, now called the Soul Bar wth inevitable yuppie decor. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did with the old woooen tables and the low ceilings. Photos feature Issac Goulding Smith eating a chip, and Lily Goulding Smith’s first taste of pub food.


Try as he might Russell still cannot get to the top of Questacon science museum. There’s always a tiny person to yank him into one of the rooms he has already been in. In this case it’s Cody.

Cody and Russell looking at The Best thing in Canberra. You’d have to go to Questacon see what it is.


4 thoughts on “Camnberra

  1. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    Great to see the old places again and to see Cody in them. He looks terrific – you can’t see the sore eyes or the lice in the photos – just a number of very snazzy jackets. We look forward to seeing him in the snow in dure course – and to seeing you both in person in November. It was lovely to see Lou and Erin.

    Just spoke to Kirsty who had one contraction about an hour and a half earlier – so we are hoping this will be it. I’ll try to ring but will post a comment on here. Love


    PS Claire and John – I found the Lazarus poem by Browning but realised I didn’t have an email address for you to send the link to. I have been waiting to ring with news of Kirsty’s baby – when she eventually gets here. In the meantime can you send me an email to and I can send you the link to the poem

  2. claire says:

    Sounds like a wonderful holiday. My email questions are now irrelevant.Thanks once more for photos which have you all, esp. Cody looking very dear.
    Love, Claire

  3. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    Sophia (middle name undecided) Andersen born this morning – 17 July 2008 at about 6.05 am EST and weighing about 3.5 kilos. Juian says it was a long labour but OK and Kirsty felt good. I have sent emails and Julian hopes to mail some photos later on. They may move to Katoomba Hospital today at abourt lunchtime.

    Love to all

    Mary and John

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