Sitter’s Arse

My sacrum is on the fritz. The tendons that support it are slightly damaged. That means, basically that I have been sitting at the computer too much and it has caused problems. I bent down to pick up a sock and that was that. Physio and two days bed-rest have sorted it out.

I am going to call this condition Sitter’s Arse. It’s like RSI of the bum.

Can’t stay. Have to get off the computer.

PS – strike still on. 




7 thoughts on “Sitter’s Arse

  1. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    Sorry to hear about the RSI of the bum.

    Looking forward to seeing Lou and Erin but wish you and Codes were coming too. But we’ll have to wait till November. John spoke to Kirsty yesterday – she is very ready to be at the end of the pregnancy. Olivia is down with something and Kirsty is tired but otherwise all is well. We are well. Rowan is well



  2. thanks for your words.


    Both going to Australia on Thur. I[‘m going to Canberra with Codos.

    Things suck here. Strike still on, no water, can’t get banmking done, genmerally things are irritating. Wish I was in Aus.

    Glad you are well,

    Gotta go again, Sitter’s Arse still precludes me from sitting too long.


  3. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    Yes Claire rang us this morning. How exciting.

    Sorry things are messed up for you – and that the Bum RSI is still playing up. I have Hair removal backache – from using the broom/brush that removes dog hair from catpets and rugs – the more you use it, the more dog hair appears – or that’s what it seems like.

    Love to all of you and have a good trip. M and J

    And give our regards to Canberra

  4. claire says:

    Just caught up with your latest. My sympathy too I think I might have ‘tight jeans back’. Hilary took me shopping for “jeans that fit, Mum” and I find myself walking differently. Have to improve my posture.
    Anyway we are all thrilled to see little Isaac James, actually not so little at 4.1 kgs and hilary looks great even though she’s pretty sore.
    Have agreat holiday Stephen and Cody.

  5. hi all

    we’re in brisbane now. about to part ways tommorow morning.

    give regards to isaac and family!

    can someone post pictures? Or lend louise a camera? I am taking ours to catch the action as cody cavorts in the snow.

    will be in touch.


  6. Staying at the Canberra Rex currently.

    Had a great time with S and R but wished to be alone with the boy.

    Went to Yarralumla today. Going to Questacon tomorrow. Done the snow, mint, gallery, carrilion, yacht club, hedge maze, lots of walks, as well as the museum and nice restaurants and shopping. spending lots of cash.

    Went to physio yesterday. She says I am recovering well but should do yoga and pilates to strengthen the area.

    Louise will no doubt be happy.

  7. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    I completely forgot to tell you that Johanna Lynch is in Canberra working for the Office of Parliamentary Counsel – thus carrying on the family tradition. But I gather her Perth boyfriend is visiting Canberra as from yesterday and they were going straight to the snow. So it’s too late to remember now. Look after the back. Had a nice time with the Kleinigs and Lou and Erin



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