Communication Breakdown

Hi people,

There is a strike on at Solomon Telekom and all electronic comunications may be affected. It’s very serious and they are demanding the minister reisgn, is what I have heard.

May not be possible to get us by phone or e-mail for a while. Really sorry about the timing as we’d love to have known about the arrival of a certain someone, and have been getting all excited when we answer the phone.

Not sure when it will be fixed – not sure what is happening at all really, other than that we’re getting e-mails advising us to stock up on cash (ATMs may go down), check all flight bookings,  and advise friends and family about what is going on.

For the record, the phone was not working when I left this morning, nor was the internet (same phone line). I am at a cafe. I wil continue to come here as long as the net service stays up, every few days, to let you all know what’s up.

Could all just be a teacup in a molehile. Let’s hope so.

Love and well-wishes to all.



2 thoughts on “Communication Breakdown

  1. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    Oh dear. You probably won’t get this. I was going to ring to ask when Lou and Erin are coming. I know I was told – ? 4 July – but I’m not sure. I’ll ring Claire. I’ll also try to ring but won’t expect to get through. all well at our bit of Adelaide



  2. You can still get Louise on her mobile for the time being.

    Net cafes are full of people making last minute arrangements. Net probably about to go down. Strike in its second week.

    Louise and Erin coming July 4. Me and Codes going to Brisbane rather than hanging out here alone with this going on. Then going to Canberra to visit Sarah and Russell for a bit.

    All the best.

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