June Birthday Post: Wreck of the World Explorer

Hello June Birthday types – you know who you are. These were taken on my recent weekend dive trip aboard the Bilikiki boat, similar to the one Louise did a month ago. I did lots of dives, including a night dive, and came back rather exhausted and spaced out from all the nitrogen in my body but am feeling OK 2 days later.

The cruise liner, WORLD EXPLORER, was wrecked in 1999 after the captain ran aground on some rocks and carved a big hole in the bottom. He got the ship to shore and got everyone off, then returned 2 days later to find that the wreck had been completely stripped by local people. Apparently there are villages nearby with crystal glassware, leather couches and BOSE stereo equipment. No-one has bothered salvaging the body of the ship. It’s just too remote, too hard.

The wreck is a passable dive site because you can go underneath it and see all the stuff that has fallen out of the rusting bottom over the past nine years – an atlas, cookware, a fridge, a stove, and so on. It’s also a good photo opportunity, especially if there are a bunch of obliging rainbows on hand to light up the scene.

‘Bunch’ isn’t quite right as a collective noun for rainbows is it? What do you think? A ‘song’ of ranbows? I should go now.

Happy birthday all you June folks, including that newly arriving Osman Kleinig child, who in years to come will no doubt add to the existing June festive mayhem.

❤ Steve.


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