Bilikiki Dive Trips

Two weeks ago Louise headed over to the Russell Islands in Central Province for one of the Solomon’s great treats – a Bilikiki Weekend Dive Trip. Diving, fresh cookies, hot towels, fresh caught sushi, drinks on the deck, sleeping on the boat, and then your dive gear ready for you the next moring. And the best thing is, you know you are only paying half of what an American tourist would pay, because they give ‘local’ rate to expats.

Apparently it is totally ace. But they don’t accept kids under 12 so I had to stay back in Honners. However it is my turn June 6-8, as a birthday treat. I am looking forward to that as you can imagine.

Louise is not in with the cool underwater camera crowd so all of these shots are of the Russell Islands above the water but still looks pretty nice to me. I hope my trip goes to the Russels. Nornmally they go to the Floridas, where Maravaghi is, a place I’ve been three times.


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