Compu’ah Sez No

The computer is fritzed.

This is the FIFTH computer malfunction we’ve had here. 1 broken keyboard, 1 crashed drive, 1 crashed motherboard, 1 crashed RAM card, and now this – another faulty drive which can no longer run windows.

It is just getting TOO ANNOYING. I’m in and out of Technisyst like I bloody live there.

Anyway, we’re non-technical for the next little while…


2 thoughts on “Compu’ah Sez No

  1. claire says:

    Dear Stephen,

    I’ve just left a message on the previous entry. May the computer problems be soon resolved,

  2. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    Dear Stephen

    I didn’t spot this before. I hope the problems are fixed by now – and just love the cartoon

    Hope your Japanese meal was as good as the Louise one. Just about to try again to get your music on line


    M and J

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