Louise is coming home this weekend

Louise is – hopefully –  taking a trip back to Adelaide this weekend to be with the Kleinigs at her grandfather’s funeral.

I will stay here with the kids.

Sympathies to Claire, Barbara, John, and all the rest of the family.

Unfortunately, the computer has chosen this exact moment to become completely unworkable (I’m in a cafe now). I will be on the phone this weekend – the normal number works for us now – but will not be blogging or e-mailing until it gets fixed, possibly back in Australia.

Until then, as Bill used to say to me, ‘dig deep’.



5 thoughts on “Louise is coming home this weekend

  1. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    Best love to all of you. We hadn’t realised Bill had died. Hope we can see Louise at the funeral


    Mary and John

  2. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    We will ring you this weekend. But I’m not sure we have the “normal number” any more. Can you try to ring us briefly to just leave the corrct nuber for us to ring. Love


  3. Hiya,

    Well, we made it through. Codes about to finish his recorder lesson and Louise about to land in about half an hour. We have dinner lined up, whiskey and soda water, and several hours of quality TV to watch. All will be well and all things will be well, etc.

    Glad to hear things went OK yesterday.


  4. claire says:

    Dear Stephen,
    Have just caught up with these entries, after reading of another computer failure. How frustrating for you! Thanks for holding the fort again while Louise was here. It was very precious for us to have her. Thanks also for the Mothers’ Day greeting. Those two children are the best thing to ever have come out of a basket.

    Much love, Claire

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