Master of my own Domain(s)

I’ve fallen in love with WordPress since they made it possible to buy domains, and also since I found out that you can cheaply upgrade your account, enabling you to upload music and video directly to the site.

I’ve been wondering for a few years what I was going to do about building an effective web-presence for music and writing. Free upload sites like Myspace are tacky and look unprofessional, and are always full of ads. And, actually owning and running website domains is quite expensive – especially seeing as I want at least three. Moreover, working with remote web-servers using Microsoft FrontPage looks like a pain in the behind to me. The cheaper the hosting, the lamer the support, that seems to be the rule with these things.

But now WordPress – which is easy to use and has great support – have gone and made it so that you can own a domain, with 8 meg of space, for about 30 dollars a year. I can’t find anything else that beats that and lets you use easy blogging software to boot. So I’m going to be building my web-presence here, on number of different sites. In another few years I’ll be wearing I<3 WordPress T-shirts and posting on the Bloggers Anonymous forum. It’s heading in that direction.

The first of the new sites is which you can have a sneak preview of now. (By the way, you can put the www in if you want but it doesn’t matter if you leave it out.) That’s the site for my recording project with Lee Pfitzner, which we’ve slowly put together over the last three years. There’s only two Unbeknownst mp3s there at present – Quicksand and Boris the Moth – but I’ll be putting more up in the next few days. Some of you will already have hard these, others won’t.

I’ll also be able to use it as a base for recordings and videos of the kids and other stuff, which I can keep hidden on that site, and link from here. No more relying on tacky Myspace sites!

So, Mckleinzie chatter can continue here. Have a look at the new site in the next week or two and tell me if you think it’s good. If you don’t, just don’t say anything. Also I’d rather leave the new site free of friends / family chat, please. That’s what this place is for.

Hey, I guess I could buy this domain too and have it as, but I don’t really see the point at this stage.

So anyway that’s what i’ve been up to blog-wise over the last week or so. But Louise is away on a diving trip this weekend so I’m with the kiddies at present. They’re about to have Daddy’s Special Mince, known to everyone else as Spaghetti Bolognese.




4 thoughts on “Master of my own Domain(s)

  1. Cool. Thanks.

    I just stuck three new mp3s on it tonight.

    You know Fraser, I would comment on your blog periodically but it always asks me to log in with my blogger id.

    I think you should switch to WordPress.

    You can import your entire blog over here with a single action.

  2. John and Mary Mckenzie says:

    Like the look of the site and will enjoy the music – when I can get it to play. I am so protected against Phishing and fraud and whatever, that i have to keep allowing popups and so far I haven’t managed to get to the husic. But I will. John and I are well. It is actually autumn and there has been some rain ( even a bit that wasn’t just showers). Rowie sends his love to Cody and Erin and we send our love to all of you


    Grandad/ John Gran/ Mary

  3. yeah, Hils called the other night and said there had been rain. Might be a good time to head to the hills. I love it up there when it is all Autumnal etc.

    love back to rowan and yourselves. louise comes back soon and then we are going out to eat dinner at the only indian restaraunt in town. no prizes for gussing what it is called, but go on, have a guess anyway.


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