Sad News for Movie and Music Fans

No. I’m not talking about Charlton Heston.

Cody’s Myspace page has been taken down. I’m not sure why, but it’s nothing sisnister. Mysapce is full of glitches. I suspect it was an error in the system whereby you have to validate the page in a certain amount of time using an e-mail address. I tried, but it never worked, so the page has been taken offline.

That means the VIDEO PAGE is now down – no more watching Erin’s zombie dance from last year or Cody swimming a lap. It also means that THE CODES first album is also offline. I’ve taken the links out of the sidebar. I still have all the files (video and music) if anyone is dead keen.

I’ll get another video page up and running at some point. Or maybe I won’t. 

I made the following statement to Roling Stone, NME and other key music papers:

Legendary Solomon folk band THE CODES have broken up, citing irreconcilable personal and musical differences. They leave behind a fragmentary trace of musical genius that has inspired artists ranging from Leonard Cohen to Beethoven. We tracked down the band’s driving force, Cody W, in his Honiara hideaway, and asked him about the band and future musical directions. But he was in bed. because it was a school night. 


One thought on “Sad News for Movie and Music Fans

  1. Mary and John McKenzie says:

    How sad. Please keep the videos for the future – when memories of the early years of The Codes will be worth a fortune Spealing of Kleinig bands – sort of – we are going to see Zephyr tomorrow night.

    Love to all

    Mary and John

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