Greetings to the Devonport Massive

Did you notice that there are two new photo pages up over in the right hand sidebar? You might have to scroll up or down a bit to see the sidebar. 

All our New Zealand shots are over there. (Previous photo pages have been retired to the old photopage list.)  

Well, all our NZ photos except these ones. Our mates Bruce Cohen and Jessica Terhunn have moved to Auckland and are living in Salubrious Devonport, away from the riff-raff on the other side of the water.  Jessica is finishing her Master’s degree while Brucie comes to grips with the fact that being an academic in New Zealand is…actually…quite…good! We discussed this at length.

Here’s Jessica absconding with my children, while Bruce and I hit the supermarket. Next day we took a walk up North Head near to their house, and pretended to be on the look out for Japanese invaders. Seriously, what the devil were they thinking, putting up cannons here?

kidnapper.jpg supermarket.jpg side-saddle.jpg codes-cannon.jpg

Hi B and J!

Hope to see you guys over here sometime.  


One thought on “Greetings to the Devonport Massive

  1. Mary and John McKenzie says:

    Glad to see that Cody found a cannon to be around. Takes me back to the old days at Glenelg. Love Mary/ Gran

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