Some of Yer English (For Kirsty McKenzie)

‘Some of Yer English’

A Musical Compilation in Honour of the 39th Birthday of Kirsty McKenzie (2008)

Part One, or, ‘The Easy Side’: ‘What a Jolly Lark’ Shewing That The English Can Be Jolly Moody at Times, But That They Are Respectable Patriots at Heart 

  1. The Cure A Forest Intro / Primary
  2. The Sound The Fire
  3. Joy Division Disorder
  4. New Order Procession
  5. Echo and the Bunnymen Pride
  6. Siouxie and the Banshees Spellbound
  7. Killing Joke Eighties
  8. Gang of Four Damaged Goods
  9. The Clash London Calling
  10. The Jam That’s Entertainment
  11. XRay Spex Germ Free Adolescence
  12. Penetration Shout Above the Noise
  13. The Sundays Desire / Wildfire
  14. Buzzcocks You Say You Don’t Love Me
  15. Magazine Song from Under the Floorboards
  16. The New Model Army 53rd State of America
  17. Patrik Fitzgerald But Not Anymore (‘A Small Disease’)
  18. XTC Respectable Street
  19. The Police Fall Out
  20. Soft Boys Return of the Sacred Crab
  21. Pretenders The Wait
  22. The Only Ones Another Girl, Another Planet
  23. Billy Bragg New England
  24. The Clash This is England

 Part Two, or, ‘The Difficult Side’: ‘Steady On Old Boy’ Shewing that the English are Obsessed with Sex, Drugs, Music, Supermarkets, and the War

(Featuring some crackly old records for your enjoyment at the end)  

  1. The Stranglers Shut Up
  2. Wire Three Girl Rhumba
  3. The Fall English Scheme
  4. The Pop Group We Are All Prostitutes
  5. Crass Smother Love
  6. The Slits Newtown
  7. Raincoats Fairytale in the Supermarket
  8. The Au Pairs Love Song
  9. XRay Spex Warrior in Woolworths
  10. The Clash Lost in the Supermarket
  11. The Jam Dream Time
  12. Gary Numan and the Tubeway Army Bombers
  13. Vic Goddard and the Subway Sect Ambition
  14. The Damned Drinking About My Baby
  15. 999 Nasty Nasty
  16. The Stupids It’s Gotta Be Love
  17. The Lurkers Love Story
  18. Bow Wow Wow c30 c90 c60 CGO
  19. Adam and the Ants Kick
  20. Generation X Day By Day
  21. Ultravox Wrokrok!
  22. Orange Juice Blue Boy
  23. The Television Personalities Part Time Punks
  24. Syd Barrett The Word Song / Television Personalities I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives / Doghorse The Tardis Song
  25. Sham 69 Hurry up Harry (Stevie J. Unbeknownst Mix)
  26. Patrik Fitzgerald They Make It Safe / Your Hero
  27. The Sex Pistols Belsen Was A Gas
  28. The Automatics When the Tanks Roll Over Poland
  29. Psychedelic Furs Flowers
  30. The Desperate Bicycles Skill

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