Back at the ole internet cafe again in Point Cruz. I’m supposed to be finalising our trip to NZ by booking a room in Wellington but sheeesh, that city is expensive, so now I’m all depwessed, and I’m going to stick up these photos of our Tetepare Island trip to cheer me up. 

Tetepare is the largest uninhabited island in the South Pacific. It’s actually about the same size as New South Wales but you can’t see it on a map because it’s so far away. It was inhabited until 1927, when giant frogs chased the people away to claim the island for themselves. Buwahahahahahah.

Maybe it’s easier if you just follow the link to the island’s website so I don’t have to bother telling you the real history.

Anyway, we out hung with the Canadanian conservation volunteers, Mike and Janine, and their boy Camas, who are all in one of the pictures. They are moving back home soon. Perhaps we’ll visit them if we ever get to Canadania.

Most of the shots are all from a day trip round the island we did with the Canadians. It was awesome. Codes got to drive the boat. There was a scary crocodile swamp and we saw their tracks on the beach but we never saw any of the beasts themselves fortunately. We did see a huge turtle being tagged, and I spotted a giant clam more than a metre long which is now going to be taken back into the marine protected area so no-one eats it – but those are a tales for another day.

The other 2 shots are from a jungle walk we did the previous day. I got to see an eclectus parrot which is my favourite tropical bird. The guide identified it by its noise, and then we stood and threw rocks at the tree it was in for about ten minutes until finally it flew off. I saw a green flash for about a second. That’s birdwatching in the jungle.











2 thoughts on “Tetepare

  1. Mary and John McKenzie says:

    Love the photos of you all. I’m sure not even giant frogs could scare Captain Codes and Lieutenant Erin from any piece of land they chose to occupy They are both looking marvelously relaxed and happy, as is their Mum. Wish we had a photo of the parrot and of you too. John says sunflower seeds might work better than rocks. Mary says that sunflower seeds would destroy the environment

    Love to you all

  2. claire says:

    Great photos. No wonder you are enamoured of the place. Are you going to divulge your score on the D and D game Stephen. I loved to see those dear faces again, both Erin and Cody looking so grownup and as M and J commented quite the intrepid explorers,

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