Port Adelaide

This page is going to take a while to load okay? There’s six photos in this post, six in the previous one and two large ones in the post before that. So you might as well go and make a cup of tea.

January 5th, Port Adelaide. Louise has taken the kids to a Kleinig cousins gathering so I take advantage of the solitude to wander around doing a passable impression of that beautiful weirdo charcter in American Beauty. You know, finding beauty in the ordinary, and that whole bit? Actually Port Adelaide’s historic (i.e. partially derelict) wool-shed area isn’t exactly ordinary, but most of these photos aren’t from there. Two were taken on the main road, and the last two under the railway bridge.

It was very hot and the colours were all washed out. So I’ve had to tart these up quite a bit to bring them back to life.








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